Employing seafarers: maritime recruitment agency.

One of the scopes of activity of Polish Ocean Lines Inc. is recruiting seafarers employed on the vessels managed by the company. PLO has the certificate of the Labour Office for the Pomeranian Voivodeship, certifying its entry to the Employment Agency (no. 9216). The Polish Ocean Lines offer employment on ro-ro vessels as well as general cargo and container vessels. The vessels managed by PLO are subject to the Maritime Labour Convention and have the MLC 2006 certificate. The Convention contains complex regulations regarding international maritime labour law, the compliance with which is periodically verified at sea and in offices. Polish Ocean Lines operate according to the provisions and regulations contained in the MLC 2006 convention as well as relevant provisions of Polish law. The maritime contracts offered are based mainly on the ITF Collective Agreement. They comply with the individual working conditions defined by the ship operator and are submitted to the law of flag states. The recruitment and job matching is handled by Polish Ocean Lines Inc. in a transparent way; each seafarer is informed about the terms and conditions of employment, contract signing as well as their rights and obligations related to the job offer presented to them.

In matters regarding employment on board vessels, please contact the Crewing and HR Specialist at + 48 58 66 89 632, e-mail: